All activities carried out by our company are carried out by experienced, highly qualified specialists, certified by the relevant manufacturers, in the technical service and repair center equipped with modern equipment in accordance with the established technical requirements for weapons and equipment.The main and leading position among the company's specialists belongs to officers retired from active military service. Work experience allows the company's specialists to create and adjust their control systems for service activities. A structured approach to the implementation of technical service and repair, as well as continuous professional development and certification of engineering and technical personnel ensuring high quality and efficiency during the fulfillment of orders.All work is carried out due to the continuous professional development and certification of engineering and technical personnel. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of our employees, the customer's repaired and modernized equipment is guaranteed to be reliable and combat-ready.

Additional professional services
Repair and elimination of all faults detected in the main samples during technical inspection (defectiveness) and documentation.
Technical inspection (defects) of the main samples, identification of all faults, and preparation of the necessary technical documentation based on the results.
Training of technical personnel on a special program that provides maximum transfer of knowledge and practical skills on providing service and repair of samples.
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